Hi, I’m Terisé.

Welcome to The Working Amateur, an equestrian lifestyle blog dedicated to documenting the full-time job, adult amateur life.

Introducing The Working Amateur

Introducing The Working Amateur

Formerly the author of Breeches and Boat Shoes, a blog I created in college as a way to keep my family updated on the goings on with my then-new horse, blogging has been in my life since 2013. As the years have gone on, much has changed since the founding of B&BS and the late college nights that kept it alive. Now a full-time professional in the communications sector of the equine industry and a fully-fledged adult amateur in the saddle, my blog and I are moving onward and upwards.

I introduce you to The Working Amateur, a more mature but equally equestrian space to bring my creativity and thoughts to the internet. Don’t worry—Ax and I are still here, just with a little more life experience and a lot more wine. Stay tuned for a splash of fresh material, some of the same content you (and I) know and love, and plenty of Ax’s cute face.